Education Program 2015-2016

With children being the future of any nation, NERSWN recognizes that change has to start at the earliest stage of human development. Circumstances have made it so; that children are the receivers of abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence. For this reason, all NERSWN’s programme by now have child rights as cross cutting themes besides a large education and children’s programme. Be it through Child Protection initiatives, Education initiatives or Childs’ Rights initiatives, NERSWN aims at taking holistic approaches to tackle problems that children face.

The Suluk-Gwjwn Vidyalaya: In last five years, the Sulukh-Gwjwn Vidyalaya, (Read Peace Academy in both Santhali and Bodo language) has imparted free and quality education to more than 1200 children who are victims of repeated ethnic & armed conflicts. Within a 12 km radius of Jhawarbil (8 Adivasi hamlets), there is complete absence of educational institution; resulting in hundreds of children being deprived of fundamental right to education. Thus, this school became the only institution for ensuring education to first-generation school goers of the Adivasi community in the area which has been possible generous support from National Foundation for India, New Delhi.

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