Health System Support Initiative

We as an organization in the past two years had been involved with direct welfare service delivery activities. But, from the past two years of experiences the management of the organization have realized that only delivering direct welfare services would encourage the government department to reduce their work and gradually be dependent on voluntary agencies. Such realization helped the organization to plan out to work hand-in-hand with the government department especially with the Health Department.

Huge inflow of funds due to introduction of NRHM has further widens the role of voluntary organization in health sector. The voluntary organizations have the key role to closely monitor the activities of health department so that the resource meant for the rural masses properly reaches to the targeted group. We felt that NRHM is one of the most overwhelming opportunities to drastically improve the abysmal health facilities in the rural areas.

Having been aware of the issues highlighted, we’ve decided to shoulder the responsibility to create awareness and mobilize the community and enable them to demand quality health care in their immediate surroundings. We’ve also chosen to provide supportive roles to the NRHM by providing resource inputs and by building capacities of the government department. We’ve also been instrumental in helping the district NRHM in planning, monitoring and evaluating various programs under the umbrella of health department.

Under this initiatives the NERSWN has carried out following activities:

  • Awareness Campaign: With a view to create awareness different medias were used. From September 2007 to February 2008. series of awareness campaign have been organized on various programs of NRHM and people’s entitlement from those programs. In the awareness campaign special focus was given on immunization, Child and maternal health related schemes. To make the awareness campaign more effective the organization also conducted street plays in different crowded places. Innovative play called Mahabharata on Horse Cart was also organized which has covered all important places in Kokrajhar district. This particular play has been quite effective in drawing people’s attention especially the rural masses. The play due to its attractiveness and meaningfulness not only entertained the audiences but also had been
    able to address various health issues that hitherto would remain as question?
  • The NERSWN workers constantly remain in the rural areas not only for health related works but for other project purpose too. Hence, while they are on their field areas they often monitor the NRHM programs in the rural areas with the help of the community. The findings of the monitoring are endorsed to the district NRHM officials for the corrective measures. Those information were also shared at the district level meetings and encouragingly in most of the cases the corrective measures had been taken by the district authorities.
  • The NERSWN has also been playing the role of resource institution. It has helped the district NRHM in preparing IEC & BCC materials. It also supports them in program planning, monitoring and evaluating in the limited ways.
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