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Socio-Economic Survey of Kokrajhar and Chirang Districts

The NERSWN has initiated a mega research project to asses the socio-economic condition of two districts with its own fund with special emphasize on health. The research assistance are almost on the way of completing the data collection. The final survey report is expected to be out by the end of 2006. Due to the financial constraint the project is moving slowly but the organization is determined to accomplish the task undertaken.

The NERSWN is also conducting facility survey of health care institutions of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) area to make comparison of socio-economic survey. The survey is being conducted by the workers who are involved with different projects, hence it is getting delayed. Once the report is out one can have the fair amount of idea on following aspects:-

  • Health status of people.
  • Socio-Economic status.
  • The programs and projects initiated by the government and non-government agencies.
  • Over all health services in the area.

The results of the study will definitely help the policy maker, development agencies in planning and implementing the development projects.

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