Mental Patient Care Meet

Self Help Group Formation

With the view of working towards empowering rural masses through educating, informing, facilitating to generate income and employment, using local resources judiciously the NERSWN extended their services through promoting Self Help Groups in the interior and inaccessible areas of Kokrajhar and Chirang districts. During the year in Kokrajhar district the NERSWN formed groups in places like Raimona, Soraibil, Bolongjhora, Jomduar, Ultapani which are quite inaccessible above which all the areas are riot affected, movement affected and in the forest areas. The organization had formed more than 50 Self Help Groups of men and women in different villages. Apart from forming the group following services have been provided by NERSWN:-

  • Bank linkage.
  • Linkages to other institutions like Block Development Offices, Smabay Samitis etc.
  • Training.
  • Facilitating for the credit.
  • Helping the group members to identify their potential area depending upon their skill and interest.
  • Helping the inculcate the habit of savings.
  • Creating awareness about the schemes, projects and programs of government and non-government institutions.
  • Conducting sessions of various issues like education, health, empowerment etc.

The NERSWN look forward to put more effort on this particular aspect in days to come, so as to help people to enhance their quality of life through engaging themselves in productive activities.

Mental Patient Care Meet

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