Farmer Motivation Program

This project was initiated by the NERSWN in a typical style. As the economy of the locality depends on agriculture it needs special attention and care to enhance the livelihood of the people living in the area. But the present trend is moving towards its opposite direction due to the vanishing interest of farmers in farming. The lack of innovation and modernization, increasing educated masses, deteriorating quality of life of the farmers, lack of proper irrigation in the agricultural field, slowly increasing options for employment all have led to decreasing rate of farmers. Thus the workers of the organization felt that they being educated should demonstrate cultivating to able to say that even the educated masses need to be getting into the profession of farmers to heal our ailing economy. The workers of the organization have cultivated potatoes leasing 7 bighas of waste land from the village council of Chatta Bamunkura village with the technical help from the Assam Agricultural Research Centre, Telepara. A total of 200 man of potatoes in just 7 bighas of waste land was produced and the success has encourage the workers to continue the project till the present day. This year the organization is cultivating turmeric and ginger with double cropping technique. The organization by the end of 2006 plans to establish a turmeric manufacturing industry whereby apart from generating employment it would help local farmers in marketing their agricultural product at higher cost with low expense. The project has taught following lesson to the organization:-

  • Cultivation is a very risky profession, especially in places like Assam where weather never can be predicted.
  • The farmers should have knowledge on both traditional and modern technologies of cultivation.
  • The farmers, besides cultivating crops should have fair idea of markets.
  • Place like Gossaigaon where most of the government agencies are functioning only on papers, makes it really difficult to produce as desired and required.
  • The cold storage is one of the most essential to get higher rate of prices to meet the expenses incurred during process of cultivation.
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