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Empowering and Enhancing the Women Vendors Occupation

This project has stepped into its second year of successful implementation. In the second year of its execution the NERSWN has rendered following services to the poor women vendors to enhance their occupation as well as their livelihood:

  • Total of 200 women vendors have been financed in small amounts in two years.
  • More than 100 vendors have been linked with the bank especially under No Frill account scheme of different banks.
  • Conducted 6 skill enhancement training program on various issues such as accounting, communication, savings, credit record maintenance, life skill etc.
  • Conducted group sessions on psycho-social aspects of¬ their life.
  • Created awareness about Public Distribution System, Government Schemes etc. through individual meeting and group meetings.
  • Home visits are made to understand the socio-economic condition of the women vendors.
  • The adult unemployed dependents of the women vendors were counseled with the purpose to reduce alcoholism among them, encouraged to get engaged with productive activities and helped the family to attain peace and harmony.
  • Two health checks up camps were organized for the vendors.
  • Free of cost blood test were done for many vendors at Gossaigaon project office.
  • Free treatments were provided to the malaria positive women vendors.

Few achievements of the project:

  • Prior to the project the women vendors would borrow money at extremely high rate of interest from the money lenders. But after the implementation of the project they can borrow money from NERSWN at just Rs. 1% per month for business purpose.
  • Most of the women vendors didn’t have bank account before implementation of the project. Through the project all most all the regular women vendors are motivated and helped to open account in different banks.
  • The study conducted prior to the implementation of the project revealed that most of them didn’t have the habit of saving their income. But after conducting sensitization program the vendors have started saving portion of their income.
  • Before coming into the contract with the workers of NERSWN the women vendors were quite disorganized. They would often indulge in quarreling and fighting. Through the group sessions the women vendors were explained that they all belong to deprived section of society, share common identity and vulnerable to same problems. They were also encouraged to be united so that they can resist the ill elements acting¬ against them. Gradually they realized that cooperating with each other not only bring peace but also help them to progress mutually.
  • Before conducting these group sessions, some of the unscrupulous element would collect daily tax illegally. But as the women vendors were told in the sessions that the collection have been done illegally they stopped paying daily taxes which are usually very high. The illegal tax collectors kept posing threats to clients but the workers of the organization have backed them up from all side. As a result those elements had to disappear from the scene.
  • Though much have not been achieved in terms of improving the overall family environment of the client. The dependents were counseled to reduce the substance abuse. They were also encouraged to look for livelihood sources, so that the family as a whole can prosper like other well off families of the society.
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