Cluster Development Project on Indi & Muga

The places where the NERSWN is operating are mainly inhibited by different tribal groups. Predominantly occupied by Bodo tribes. The tribal women especially the Bodo women are expert in sericulture activities. Rearing cocoon, reeling yearn, weaving with beautiful designs are everyone’s cup of tea for them. Thus, recognizing their inherited skill, the organization has implemented the project with the following objectives:-

  • Generating employement for the poor tribal women through commercializing their traditional skill.
  • Empowering women by forming Self Help Group (SHG) & engaging them with the sericulture activity.
  • Inculcating habit of savings through linking the target group with the banks.
  • Promoting local culture by helping the target group to market their indigenous product.

The services rendered under the project:-

  • Promotion of Self Help Group.
  • Skill enhancement training.
  • Seeds & Sapling distribution.
  • Providing Indi & Muga Rearing house.
  • Helping the groups to market the product.
  • Linking the groups with the government line department and bank.
  • Close monitoring and follow up services.

Highlights of Major Achievements:-

Working in a rural setting itself is challenging. Working for the improvement of socio-economic condition is more challenging. The problem is multifaceted, therefore difficult to address from one angle. Nevertheless, it is really exisiting to explore newer venue and issues of work. The successes and failure are integral part of any effort. Sometimes it has been quite difficult task to explain and convinced the community that being part of a group and engaging with an activity which they think is commercially not viable can contribute to prosperity of their live. But the commitment to reach out to the marginalized section of society has always been source of inspiration for the workers. The willingness and determination to succeed in their initiated endeavor has lead the NERSWN workers to achieve following successes in a short span of time:

  • 21 Self Help Groups have been brought under the project.
  • Some more groups are in the process to be included in the project.
  • Facilitated all the groups to identify and acquire land for cultivations.
  • All the groups were provided Indi seeds free of cost based on their requirement.
  • Three training program have been conducted on cultivation of Indi & Muga, scientific rearing of Eri species and treatment of Indi & Muga plants.
  • 21 groups were provided financial assistance amounting to Rs. 10,000.00 to construct Eri rearing house.
  • The groups have started Eri rearing and produced cocoon which are sold in the market.
  • Some of the groups are in the process to run weaving of their own.
  • As the sericulture plant grows the production is likely to increase.
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