Career Counseling Workshop

In the globalized world career options are increasing tremendously but it confines to the urban world. As almost all the population of Bodoland resides in the rural ares they lag behind information and necessary assistance to choose right careers. As a result of which the people not achieving what they desired are increasing day by day. This in turn leads to sending wrong messages to the upcoming generating resulting in negative attitude towards the entire educational domain. The youths adopting wrong path for their livelihood despite having degrees and qualification are not only wasting their life but creating trouble for the society. On this particular issue the NERSWN believes that if these youths are shown the right direction to achieve whatever they desired they can attain peace of mind as well as could contribute in maintaining social harmony.

Career Counseling Workshop for the Youths of Bodoland is a step towards helping and facilitating the youths to explore their potentialities to establish themselves through fair means. The NERSWN has organized four career workshops till the present date and more than 100 youths have been counseled on one to one basis by the professional counselor. A telephonic help line has been installed to provide telephonic counseling to the career aspiring youths. The NERSWN not only provides career counseling but it also helps the counseling seekers to overcome or remove psychological barrier, taboo and stigma attached to various career options. The project is for one year and it is continuing.

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